Too Many Graduations?!? WTF!

Get over your high superiority “my child will not be spoiled” complex and STFU.



It is that time of year, the end of May, and guess what… everyone graduates now!  I have seen so many posts bashing the numerous graduations.  First Pre-K, then Kindergarten, then 7th or 8th grade graduation, and of course high school and college.  So many people are bashing the extreme amount of graduations, because come on now, by the time they graduate high school it will mean nothing, well guess what –  I call BS!!

Seriously WTF?!?  In what Universe will High school graduation not mean a thing?

Get over your high superiority “my child will not be spoiled” complex and STFU. There is the argument that these graduations are just an add on to “everyone gets a trophy mentality”, but guess what, not everyone gets promoted.  There are kids that are held back in Kindergarten and placed in YK or KD or whatever it is called where you are from.  I, for one, as a parent am not celebrating the promotion.

The graduations that were celebrated with my children recently were very meaningful – a symbol of their growth.  Their growth from the chubby cheeks, snotty noses, awkward gait, not knowing a soul to making friends, even when that circle changes monthly, from shy little runts to strong spiritual individuals, from knowing only immediate family to having a family of many families.  My children go to a small school, and have been classmates with the same kids since they began. Yes, small schools still have their problems, there are still the girls who believe they are better, even the girls who no longer want to be friends with a particular group because that group is not bringing them anywhere socially, but let’s save that for another post.

Graduation festivities can get overwhelming, there are so many events, but honestly what does it hurt to celebrate your child.  We had several events that led up to the actual graduation, but I think all of the kids enjoyed them.  Even kids who never attended any of the dances/parties throughout the school year attended these.

During the graduation ceremony at school, a slide show of pictures from the beginning of school until now, (their graduation from primary/middle school), was shown.   There was sappy music to accompany the pictures that pulled at the parents’ heart strings. Some parents weeped while they watched the pictures of the progression of growth of their babies, and others held strong and probably believed like others that “this is just too much, it’s only 8th grade graduation”, but there was no disrespect, only celebration of growth.

In the end, the teens felt good about themselves.  Some walked away upset that they were leaving the only school they knew to go to another bigger, scarier, tougher school, while others couldn’t wait to tackle the road ahead. Their individuality shone through and this was a huge step that they worked at for the majority of their lives.  Celebrate them, encourage them, lift them up, they are God’s gift to you, why not cherish every minute!

Tomorrow is not guaranteed, celebrate today, and leave no words unspoken.


Little Summer Scammers!

I swear I heard the popo knocking on my door right then and there

Lord knows I try to be a great mom, and honestly I think I am an awesome mom, but all those moms who have those Pinterest summer fun lists, chore lists, daily meal plans, etc. you are making the rest of us normal moms look really bad.  Yeah, yeah we can step up our game and join the crowd, right, well I tried, shouldn’t that count for something!?

A good mom day for me is when my kids are up, dressed, brushed their teeth and fed.  It is only the second week of summer vacation and I have failed, miserably I might add, to many of those pinterest lists!!

Here’s a little run down of what happened with one list, please feel free to laugh, because I do – all of the time, so much so I may be in danger of getting committed.

Wifi password ~ This is where they have a list of minor chores for each of them to do, before they can get the Wifi password for the rest of the day.  I do have too many spawns, so their individual list is really short, nothing difficult at all. The first day was good, chores were completed before lunch time and the password was handed out to each at lunch. They had some online time and then outdoor play, the day was filled.  I went to bed that night feeling like supermom and that I actually deserve that glass or two of wine and the pat on the back I gave myself.   The second day not so much.

Woke the little Sh!#$ up, fed them breakfast and had their chore lists ready to go, they all asked for a little more time to “wake up” and then they would get on their chores.  Sure, I didn’t think that was too much to ask, besides it is their summer vacation.  I went about my way, tidied up my room and bathroom and then went to check on the kids.  They were all logged into the wifi – one playing Playstation, another binge watching netflix, and the other watching you tube videos of other kids playing video games! They didn’t even try to hide it.  WTF!

Am I losing my mind? Maybe I didn’t change the password, like I thought I did.  I went check the password on our router account, yep I changed it – completely different password, not easily guessed and to top it off, there were no connected devices at this time. How are these sh!#$ logging into the internet?

I called them all into the den, sat them down and asked how they were logged in? No one wanted to answer.  I quietly got up, went to each room individually grabbed their ipads, phones, laptops, etc. and opened them up.  They were each logged into separate wireless accounts.  Now I was really baffled, how in the heck did they open their own wifi accounts, please tell me they weren’t maxing out my credit cards, or hacking into some government access, ok I may be a little over dramatic, but I swear I heard the popo knocking on my door right then and there!

After threatening to take away all of their wireless devices, the oldest let the cat out of the bag.  The afternoon before, they decided they didn’t want to do chores anymore, so while they were out riding bikes in the neighborhood, they went to our elderly neighbors’ houses and asked them for their wifi passwords (they each went to one so they wouldn’t have lag time watching movies on the same wifi that was far away!) My children, the ones that are way too cute, and give the biggest saddest puppy dog eyes ever, could never do this right?  Pahahaha, boy was I wrong! They told the neighbors that I hadn’t paid the internet bill and our internet was disconnected, and they needed it so they can do their summer reading online!!  OMG, I could not believe them.  Not a one of my neighbors called me and let me know, the oldest said we told them you couldn’t pay the bill, so we knew they wouldn’t call you and embarrass you more than you were already for not being able to pay the bill.

That same afternoon, I made them do all of their chores, they made apology cards for the neighbors, and helped me bake them cupcakes.  We walked over to each neighbor’s house (that they scammed), made them apologize and handed them the card and cupcakes.  My neighbors laughed, thought it was the funniest thing ever, and each one made sure to tell my kids they were always welcomed to their internet & they never changed their password, because they didn’t know how.  One neighbor even told the kids that if they ever needed anything to just stop on by, because with thinking like theirs, they were going to be famous one day!  UGH!  Please don’t encourage them. 😉

Lord help me, this will be a loooooonng summer!